Visp Elixir Mixer Review: How This Self-Stirring Vessel Healed My Relationship With Matcha

visp elixir mixer review | left: woman wearing a black tank top holding visp elixir mixer in cream color right: charcoal visp elixir mixer

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If you’re serious about wellness, sooner or later, you’re going to encounter some powder. Between matcha, collagen, greens, instant mushroom coffee, protein, and bone broth, there’s no shortage of fine granulations that one can mix into liquid in the name of being well. The problem? A lot of these powders don’t take all that well to water, remaining clumpy and gritty no matter how much or how vigorously you stir them.

A solution could come in the form of the Visp Elixir Mixer, a self-stirring beverage vessel that claims to make powder-based beverages palatable—delicious, even—with minimal fuss.

Visp sent me a mixer to try out. I used it to whisk, stir, and mix my various healthfulness-inducing powders for a month. (As a health and wellness editor, it’s actually my job to have several in rotation.) Here’s what I thought.

Visp Elixir Mixer

A self-stirring beverage container for mess-free mix-ins

  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Colors: Cream and charcoal
$88 at Visp
visp elixir mixer


Ness Cardmembers can get a Visp Elixir Mixer with reward points.1

What Is the Visp Elixir Mixer?

visp elixir mixer

Visp is a lifestyle brand that currently offers one product: the aforementioned Elixir Mixer, an $88 510ml borosilicate glass bottle ensconced in a silicone case. What sets it apart from other glass bottles is that it has a surgical steel battery-powered whisk attached to the lid. This can be used to froth up beverages before (and during) consumption, eliminating the need to fiddle with spoons and handheld whisks. It comes in two colors, charcoal grey and cream white. Its founders, Harrison and Mariana, created the Elixir Mixer to reduce the mess that often happens when you throw together a functional beverage. (Especially if you’re doing it first thing in the morning, five minutes before you have to run out the door.)

How the Visp Elixir Mixer Works 

The Elixir Mixer is almost ready to use right out of the (enticingly unboxable) box. The whisk is stored in the lid, so the only thing you need to do is plug it into a USB cable (one is included with the mixer) to give its rechargeable battery some juice. Like a lot of new bottles, the Elixir Mixer has a sorta funky smell when you first open it—it isn’t bad, nor is it particularly chemical-y, it’s just there—so I washed it before I mixed my first bevvies.

The actual mixing part couldn’t be easier. Once you add your powder and liquids, taking care not to exceed the 350 ml / 12 oz limit marked on the bottle, screw the lid onto the bottle. If you’re making a hot drink, pop the drinking tab open; if you’re making a cold drink, keep it closed.

Press the button on the top of the cap once, and it’ll whir for 15 seconds. Press it twice, and it’ll spin with even more intensity for a powerful blend. With both speed variations, the bottle vibrates slightly, but it never felt so intense that I feared it would topple over or fall out of my hands.

If you’re making an iced beverage, just make sure to add the ice after you whisk the drink. Otherwise, the whisk won’t be able to move properly. (And, despite its surgical steel construction, I suspect it’d get a little banged up.)

How I Tested the Visp Elixir Mixer

visp elixir mixer sitting on kitchen counter
Sara Hendricks for The Nessie

At the time of testing, I had these wellness powders on my docket: Four Sigmatic Instant Mushroom Coffee, Bloom Super Greens, Cymbiotika Organic Matcha, and the odd one-off collagen/hyaluronic acid packet I sometimes pick up in the Whole Foods checkout line. Over the course of my testing month, I used my Visp to whisk ’em up, paying attention to how well it mixed, whether or not any clumps remained in the glass, and how much it made me want to drink my powder-based beverages.

What I Love About the Visp Elixir Mixer

visp elixir mixer

It looks really cool

It’s important to note that the Elixir Mixer doesn’t seem like a gadget. If you were to see someone sipping from it in the street, you’d think, “That’s one stylish travel mug!” not “Hey, is there a rechargeable battery in there?” Style is subjective, of course, but a photo of the Elixir Mixer would fit in well beside the dictionary definition for “sleek” or “chic.” In other words, it’s perfect if you want all the benefits of being a gearhead without the aesthetic baggage. 

It healed my relationship with matcha

Matcha has always been an aspirational drink for me. I want to be the kind of person who sips a frothy green latte every morning instead of chugging my drip coffee machine swill. Who doesn’t? But every pre-Visp matcha I made always turned into some kind of viscous potion with a bleak, discomfiting aura: somehow both too watery yet also too strong, leaving a shocking amount of sludge at the bottom of my mug.

The Elixir Mixer, however, enabled me to make coffee shop-quality matcha at home. (Really.) I followed Visp’s matcha latte recipe using Cymbiotika’s matcha powder and magnesium L-threonate instead of sweetener, and the whisk blended the matcha to smooth, clump-free heights not yet achieved by my regular whisk. (Or spoon, on the occasions when I couldn’t find my whisk.)

Whenever I let the drink sit, leading some matcha particles to settle at the bottom of the cup, it was easy to press the button to mix it up again. All told, I’m pleased to say that my relationship with homemade matcha has improved greatly. 

The battery lasts forever

Visp claims that each lid charge nets you 85 spins. I haven’t reached that number yet, so I can’t quite vouch for that. But what I can say is that I only charged it for about an hour before using it for the first time (I was that excited to rejuvenate my matcha experience), and I still haven’t needed to recharge it. 

It’s a lot less messy than other blending methods

With a mug and handheld whisk, things inevitably spill. With a lid, things don’t. Being able to use both a lid and a whisk at the same time feels like cheating, but really, it’s just good technology. 

Some Things To Keep In Mind With the Visp Elixir Mixer

It’s tough to wash if you don’t do it right away

The nature of most powder-based beverages you make with the Elixir Mixer means that if you let it sit for longer than an hour or so after finishing your drink, the residue really sinks into its crevices. This is especially true with the lid, which has lots of divots to account for the rechargeable battery, button, and drinking tab. One day, I made the mistake of letting my morning greens powder sit for [redacted amount of time], and I had to really get in there with a bristle brush it to make it clean again. Learn from my mistakes: It’s best to wash the mixer right after using it, rather than letting it soak up whatever beverage it contains.

On the plus side, the mixer is easy to wash when it isn’t covered in caked-in grit. For a quick clean, you can fill the bottle with water and dish soap and close the lid. Then, blend ‘til the water runs clear. For a deeper clean, you can put the glass bottle and silicone case in the dishwasher. (The lid, which contains the battery, should always be cleaned by hand.)

It’s glass (duh)

The Elixir Mixer is borosilicate glass, which is stronger than regular glass. Still, it isn’t impervious to breaking, so you should be careful with it, especially when you’re not at home. (Some places, like public pools, ban all glass-based vessels anyway.)

Practically, the bottle might benefit from a handle to make it easier to grasp. But aesthetically, it looks great without one, so I can’t complain too much. 

Should You Get the Visp Elixir Mixer?

If you’re a wellness powder enthusiast—or have one in your life—the Visp Elixir Mixer is an easy buy. It blends. It prevents spills. If you’re anything like me, it might just make you love matcha again. 

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