At Ness, We're Building a World Where Everyone Does Well.

Our Values

Our POWER at Ness Comes From Our Core Values

Pencil It In.

We move fast, try new things fearlessly, think differently, and learn from our mistakes.

One Ness

We're all on the same team, give regular feedback, have short memories, plus can "disagree and commit."

Work Crispy

We value clear, rigorous thought, and we're always prepared.

Embrace Your Mythical Creature

Our differences make us special.
Come as you are (but no trolls, please!)

Right Way To Win (Not The Easy Way)

We believe in doing well AND doing good.

The Ness Team

We’re a pending B Corp and a seasoned team of dreamers and doers dedicated to building a world where everyone does well.

Adrien Yvon


Kundai Midzi


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Open Callings

Come grow with us. We strive for our team members to be deeply engaged and fulfilled by the work they do. At Ness, your job is more than just a career—it’s a calling.

Research Based

This article was rigorously researched and fact checked. We use peer-reviewed journals and reputable medical sources (think: CDC, WHO, NIH, and the like) to back up every claim we make, and also reach out to experts in the field to ensure we’re covering things the right way. We apply these principles to everything we cover—including brands we partner with—and we’ll always disclose sponsorships, ads, and any kind of financial relationship with anything featured on The Nessie. You deserve the best, most straightforward information on health and wellness, and we think this is the right way to do it. You can read more about our testing and review process here.

If something doesn’t seem quite right, let us know at [email protected].