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Everything featured on The Nessie is independently selected and rigorously tested. We may receive a small commission on purchases made from some of our links. Also, The Nessie is part of the Ness Card ecosystem. (The Ness Card is issued by The Bank of Missouri, pursuant to a license from Mastercard, and serviced by Ness Well Financial, LLC.) If you’ve found us here, you’d probably be into it.

We all have questions. If the questions that brought you here today are about the Ness Card1—that is, the card that keeps you healthy—you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re a proud Ness Card user, are still thinking about it, or stumbled on this page on a search for “The Nessie” (as in the green creature that lives in a loch), go ahead and bookmark this page. It’s your user manual, your trusted guide, your cheat sheet. In other words, it’s your way to squeeze all the organic, vitamin-rich juice out of the healthiest credit card in the world.

Does the Ness Card Have a Fee?

The Ness Card has an annual $3492 fee, charged when you open the card and every year thereafter. 

What Do I Get Points For?

The Ness Card gives you 5x points3 on all purchases at healthy merchants. You’ll get 2x points on purchases everywhere else, too, because life is all about balance. 

You can also get up to 56 points every day for healthy activity, like walking, meditating, exercising, and sleeping if you connect Apple Health with the Ness Card app. We can only use data that comes from your iPhone or an Apple Watch, not a third party like Fitbit. That’s:

  • 7 hours of sleep (14 points)
  • 6,000 steps (14 points)
  • 30-minute workout (14 points)
  • 10-minute mindfulness session (14 points)

How Does the Ness Card Classify Healthy Actions?

We sort all healthy purchases into the following categories:

  • Eat: What you consume or create to nourish your body and brain.
  • Move: What gets you going (and sweating).
  • Restore: Tools and services that power your rest and support your dreams.
  • Care: Anything that gets you through the day (and life)—doctors, therapists, prescriptions, etc.

What Counts as a Healthy Merchant?

We’ve created a list of categories that automatically qualify as healthy. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Grocery stores
    • Wandering aimlessly around Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s is wellness.
  • Fitness apparel
    • If a brand is designed with movement in mind and primarily sells clothes for exercise.  
  • Gyms and workout studios
    • Monthly gym memberships, random drop-in classes, and personal training sessions all count. 
  • Healthy restaurants
    • Any restaurant that has “health” in its mission statement gets you 5x points.
  • Cosmetics
    • You’ll get 5x points whether you’re getting face wash, a facial, or Botox.
  • Medical/dental/vision providers and merchants
    • Including doctor and dentist offices, hospitals, complementary and alternative medicine, urgent care centers (even if the people at the reception desk have incredibly bad vibes).
  • Pharmacies, HSA/FSA/DME merchants
    • Get points when you pick up a ‘scrip and add some Aquaphor to your cart.
  • Sporting goods + fitness activity supply shops
    • Grab a ski helmet, a bike rack, some fly fishing gear—whatever your activity of the moment is, we’ll honor it with points.
  • Sporting and recreational camps
    • Your kid’s gymnastics class and your adult kickball league? Yup. Both wellness.
  • Campgrounds and national parks
    • Nature is healthy! Read literally any study icon-trusted-source Nature “Spending at least 120 minutes a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing” View Source about it.
  • Counseling and therapy services
    • Your therapy copay is a wellness expense, and it’s about time that someone treated it as such.
  • Recreational services
    • Swimming, tennis, rock climbing, pickleball, horseback riding. If it gets you moving, we love it (and we especially love awarding points for it).

How Do I Request Points?

We know a lot of healthy merchants, but we don’t know them all. (Yet.) If you make a purchase at a merchant that you know is healthy, but it doesn’t register 5x points, don’t fret. Just toggle to your “Activity” tab, click on the purchase, choose “Request points,” then pick the category you think it fits into—Eat, Move, Restore, or Care. (Don’t think about it too hard. We’ll handle the specifics on our end.)

Our team will review the request. If it counts as a healthy purchase, the extra points will show up in your account within a few days. You’ll also get 5x points every time you shop at that merchant moving forward. 

What Are the Ness Card’s Benefits?

Your Ness Card gets you freebies and discounts on practical purchases (think: clean skincare and supplements) and treat-yourselves (massages, facials, and mani-pedis).4 Peep some examples below: 

  • $200 healthy spend credit: Get up to $200 in statement credits automatically applied to your account every year by using your Ness Card for purchases at health and wellness merchants. That’s instant money back for purchases you’re (almost certainly) already making.
  • Sweetgreen: Salads and bowls that hit all your cravings. Spend $75 in a month at sweetgreen and get $15 back in the form of a statement credit up to twice a month. That’s up to $360 in salad savings.
  • Parsley Health: Personalized medical care, wherever and whenever you need it. Get up to $300 in statement credits on new or existing full priced Parsley Health memberships per year or up to $150 in statement credits on discounted new or existing memberships per year when you use your Ness Card.
  • Find Your Trainer (Fyt): This platform connects you with certified personal trainers and lets you meet with them however you want—virtually, at your home, or at the gym. Earn a $100 statement credit for a personal training session every 6 months. (That’s $200 a year for personal training!)
  • Exhale Spa: Everything you could want in wellness—from massages to barre classes to detox gua sha facials—in one location. Get a $50 statement credit every quarter (up to $200 a year) for Exhale’s spa services.
  • HigherDOSE: The hottest wellness gear—think toasty sauna blankets and full spectrum infrared saunas. Get up to a $100 statement credit when you buy any wellness tech product at HigherDOSE.
  • Seed: A pre- and probiotic that keeps things moving. Get a $25 statement credit every quarter when you opt for the Sustainable Refill program and agree to receive shipments of Seed quarterly. (Valid for new, current, and returning customers.)
  • Lifeforce: At-home diagnostics, specialist support, and tools to track your body to feel, look, and perform at your best. Receive a $350 statement credit for your diagnostic lab and an additional $20/month off your Lifeforce membership.
  • Glamsquad: Your on-call glam team, whether you’re at home or on the go. Get a $15 statement credit every month when you use your card to pay for a Membership. Members get two blowouts a month plus other special perks.

How Do I Redeem Rewards In The Ness App?

We’ve built our in-app marketplace to be as user-friendly as possible. Simply open the “Explore” tab and scroll to find something you like. If you have enough points, all you have to do is tap the “Redeem” button and you’ll receive the gift card code (if applicable) or a short form so our concierge can make sure we get it to you. You can redeem the Reward whenever you want or store it in the app for later use.

Where Can I Redeem My Ness Card Points?

Our rewards marketplace isn’t just easy to use—it’s also full of brands that we’ve double- and triple-vetted to ensure quality. We’re hard at work adding new rewards and brands by the day, which means rewards are always subject to change. (This is the most up-to-date list.) These are a few of our fave rewards:

  • Sweetgreen salads: 1,500 points gets you a $15 Sweetgreen gift card. You can apply this reward toward any menu item, whether it’s a limited-edition salad with seasonal ingredients or a tried-and-true favorite. 
  • CorePower classes: 5,000 points gets you $50 to use at any CorePower studio. (Whether you use that for a Yoga Sculpt class, C2 vinyasa session, or just some cool new gear is up to you.)
  • Thrive Market membership: 10,000 points gets you a free one-year membership and 30% off your first order at Thrive Market, an online marketplace for high-quality and organic food, drink, and home goods, delivered right to your door.
  • Massages, facials, and more: 15,000 points gets you a $150 gift card to SpaFinder, which can be used for any treat-yourself moment. Think a massage, manicure, facial, or any of the other services SpaFinder offers.
  • Hyperice Normatec 3 Legs compression boots: 80,000 points gets you a pair of Hyperice compression boots. These full-leg bad boys deliver precise muscle massages to increase circulation, reduce swelling, and help you recover faster and perform better. 
  • Erewhon shopping spree: 100,000 points gets you $1,000 to spend at health food store Erewhon. Get a smoothie, hit the salad bar, snack on some sprouted nuts, guzzle a new-to-you kombucha brand. Whatever you pick, you’ll feel at home in this health food heaven.
  • Full body Prenuvo scan: 250,000 points gets you a full body health workup that screens for 500+ diseases. Through Prenuvo‘s simple process, you’ll receive an imaging assessment report with early, accurate diagnoses that empower you to make informed choices. 

Does the Ness Card Have a Welcome Bonus?

For a limited time, we’re offering 50,000 points if you spend $6,000 in your first 90 days with the Ness Card.5

What Does the Ness Card Being In “Beta” Mean?

You’re an early adopter of an early product. That’s very cool. It also means that you will likely encounter the occasional bug—just like you would with any product in beta testing—but it shouldn’t prevent you from swiping or tapping your card and redeeming rewards with Ness.

What’s the Interest Rate for the Ness Card?6

0%. The Ness Card is a charge card, so the balance is due in full each month. If you don’t:

  • Pay your balance in full: You’ll be charged a $29 late fee and will lose access to making further purchases and redeeming points until your balance is paid. 
  • Pay the amount due for a second time within the next six billing periods: You will be charged a late fee of $39. 
  • Pay the amount due for two consecutive billing periods in a row: Your late fee will be the greater of $39 or 1.99% of the delinquent balance.  

How Will I Know It’s Time to Pay My Balance?

When a statement period closes, we’ll show you the payment that’s due in the Ness app. We’ll send you a statement when it closes. You’ll also see your payment due date in the Card tab of your app. 

Does the Ness Card Have Autopay?

Yes, the Ness Card offers autopay via Plaid. Set it up in the app for stress-free, on-time card payments. 

How Much Are Ness Card Points Worth?

Points are worth $0.01 (or more) for rewards and $0.005 for cash back.7 Compare that to other cards, where points usually aren’t even worth a cent, and you’ll find that your spend with the Ness Card goes a lot farther. Plus, with 5x points for healthy spend and 2x points everywhere else you make purchases, you’ll rack up a lot of points, fast. 

How Does the Ness Card Collect My Health Data?

We collect your health data if you authorize the Ness app to access your Apple HealthKit (aka all the stuff in your iPhone Health app). This is the only way we can track your healthy habits and award you points that you know you deserve.  

Do I Have Any Other Rewards Options?

Don’t want to snag some (or all) of the rewards? (We’d be surprised, given how many options we have at every level.) Still, you can get cash back for a limited time.

I’m Seeing A Lot Of “Providers” In The App. Who Are They?

Only the best ones out there. To be more specific, we have our own built-in network of health providers. Specialties include health coaches, life coaches, lactation consultants, yoga coaches, meditation coaches, doulas, and more. We heavily vet all of our providers, which includes a background check, credentials and training confirmation, and practice verification procedure.

What’s The Nessie? What’s Nessie Sightings? And What Do They Have To Do With the Ness Card?

We’re obsessed with finding (and reading about) the very best in health and wellness, and we love reading content about products, services, and trends in the industry. So we decided to create content that does just that. You’ll find it on our two main channels—our publication (The Nessie) and our newsletter (Nessie Sightings).

The Nessie: Our health and wellness product review website. Whether you’re looking for a new yoga block, recovery slides, or hyaluronic acid supplements, we rigorously test everything we feature, then double-check with experts. 

Nessie Sightings: Wellness recommendations you’ll want, delivered to your inbox twice a week. Subscribe to our (free) newsletter and join Nessie Sighting‘s growing community!

Is the Ness Card App Available on iOS and Android?

The Ness Card app is only available on iOS (for now).

Where Can I Access Additional Terms and Fees?

We’ve covered the main stuff. If you’d like to go even deeper (and we know you like doing your homework), you can find even more of the nitty-gritty details here

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