An Ongoing List of Ness Card Rewards (April 2023)


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Healthy living is its own reward. But it’s also nice when healthy living gets you actual rewards. At least, that’s what we think—and what we set out to prove with the Ness Card.1 Specifically, it’s what we set out to prove with the Ness Card Rewards Marketplace, where you get to spend the points you rack up for living well. Remember, that’s 5x points on healthy spend and 2x points on purchases you make everywhere else.2

But what, exactly, will your Ness Points get you? Glad you asked. We’ve created a kickass health and wellness marketplace for just this occasion. All rewards are updated frequently, so keep this page bookmarked to stay abreast of new offers. One thing will always stay constant, however—whatever you choose to use your points on, it’s a lot better than what you’ll get with other cards. (You know, the last middle seat on a sold-out flight.)

Here’s an A-Z sampling of the Ness Card Rewards Marketplace:

Aesop Products | $50

5,000 points get you $50 to spend at luxury skincare brand Aesop. From soaps to fragrances to lotions, Its products are the best way to smell (and feel) like you just walked out of the spa.

Apollo Neuro Wearable | $399

40,000 points get you a neuroscientist-and physician-founded vibrating wearable that helps promote restful sleep, focus, and mindfulness.

Bearaby Blanket | $279

27,900 points get you $279 to spend at Bearaby. That’s the same price as the brand’s cooling Tree Napper blanket (one of our favorite weighted blankets for muscle recovery).

Béis Bags | $88

8,800 points get you $88 to spend at Béis. That’s just the right amount for the brand’s Sport Duffle, which is one of our favorite gym bags.

Beyond Yoga Gear | $75

7,500 points get you $75 for essential apparel for your yoga flow (and beyond).

Boisson Non-alcoholic Bevvies | $50

5,000 points get you $50 to spend on fun beverages from this chic, zero-proof retailer.

Bombas Socks | $50

5,000 points get you $50 to spend at Bombas. The brand happens to make our favorite running socks, but anything you pick at Bombas should treat you well.

ButcherBox | $100

10,000 points get you $100 for top-quality meat, poultry, and seafood, sent straight to your door.

Cadence Containers | $75

7,500 points get you $75 to spend on aesthetically pleasing—and, more importantly, leakproof—travel containers from Cadence.

Canopy Air Care | $40

4,000 points get you $40 to spend on air care products from our favorite evaporative humidifier brand.

Canyon Ranch Weekend | $4,500

450,000 points get you a luxurious three-day all-access pass to the legendary Canyon Ranch wellness retreat. Relax at the spa or pool, feast on healthy fare, get moving at workout and yoga classes, and center yourself with guided meditation. And don’t forget the miles of nature trails!

Cash Back | $50

10,000 points get you a $50 statement credit. That’s $0.005 for every dollar spent, whether it’s healthy or not.

Cava Bowls | $15

1,500 points get you $15 to spend at this fast-casual Mediterranean joint. Fill a bowl with top-quality greens, grains, veggies, proteins, and the Cava’s iconic hummus.

Classpass Credits | $50

5,000 points get you $50 to book the best of fitness and wellness, all in one convenient spot.

CorePower Classes or Gear | $50

5,000 points get you $50 to use at any CorePower studio. Whether you use that for a Yoga Sculpt class, C2 vinyasa session, or just some cool new gear is up to you.

Crossrope Weighted Jump Rope | $200

20,000 points get you $200 to spend at Crossrope (our favorite weighted jump rope brand!).

Cymbiotika Supplements | $50

5,000 points get you $50 to spend on Cymbiotika‘s stylish, easy-to-consume supplements.

Drip Hydration | $200

20,000 points gets you $200 for at-home IV therapy with Drip Hydration.

Erewhon Shopping Spree | $1,000

100,000 points get you $1,000 to spend at health food store Erewhon. Get a smoothie, hit the salad bar, snack on some sprouted nuts, guzzle a new-to-you kombucha brand—Erewhon’s world will be your oyster.

Everlast Weighted Jump Rope | $17

1,700 points get you $17 to spend on an Everlast weighted jump rope. (It’s one of our favorite weighted jump ropes!)

Fishwife Tinned Fish | $80

8,000 points get you $80 to spend on Fishwife‘s nutrient-dense, flavor-rich tinned fish. We’re especially fond of the albacore tuna and Atlantic salmon.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee | $25

2,500 points get you $25 to spend on Four Sigmatic‘s medicinal mushroom-infused coffee, protein powders, and cacao elixirs. (The instant coffee with lion’s mane is our favorite mushroom coffee, by the way.)

Fyt Personal Training | $100

10,000 points get you $100 to use at Fyt, a platform that connects you with personal trainers to find someone who works best for you. Every single one is vetted and verified, so you can be sure your trainer is legit.

Girlfriend Collective Gear | $50

5,000 points get you $50 to spend on sustainable athletic apparel. It’s a win for the earth—and your workout looks. 

Goodles Mac ‘n’ Cheese | $50

5,000 points get you $50 to spend on Goodles—that is, mac ‘n’ cheese with the nutrition profile of a hearty salad.

Goodr Sunglasses | $40

4,000 points get you $40 to spend on Goodr‘s cult-favorite sweat-and-slip-proof running, biking, and general activity sunnies.

Green Chef Meals | $150

15,000 points gets you one month of healthy, pre-prepped meals that make cooking what you need (and want) easier.

HOKA Sneakers | $100

10,000 points get you $100 to spend on HOKA‘s comfy, trendy gear for pro runners and first-milers alike.

Hydrojug Bottles | $50

5,000 points get you one of Hydrojug‘s trendy, big-ass, high-quality water bottles. (It’s our favorite gallon water bottle.)

Hyperice Compression Boots | $800

80,000 points get you a pair of Hyperice Normatec 3 Leg compression boots. These full-leg bad boys deliver precise muscle massages to increase circulation, reduce swelling, and help you recover faster and perform better. 

Joovv Red Light Therapy Device | $1,800

180,000 points get you a solo red light device designed to reduce joint pain and inflammation, relax sore muscles, and increase blood flow.

Juice Press Smoothies | $10

1,000 points get you $10 for a smoothie, bowl, or (healthy, cold-pressed) shot at Juice Press.

Kencko Smoothies | $60

6,000 points gets you $60 to spend on 20 kencko freeze-dried smoothie packets—one of our favorite delivery smoothie brands.

Manduka Yoga Gear | $50

5,000 points get you $50 to spend on Manduka‘s top-quality yoga essentials. (We’re especially wild about the cork yoga block.)

OOFOS Recovery Sandals | $75

7,500 points get you $75 to spend on sandals and slides that give your feet the TLC they deserve. (We’re big fans of the OOaahs, ourselves.)

Ora Organic Supplements | $50

5,000 points get you $50 to spend at Ora Organic. Choose from greens powders (it’s our favorite one), plant-based protein, or multivitamins.

Origin Pelvic Floor PT | $50

5,000 points get you $50 to spend at Origin, a virtual or in-person physical therapy spot that specializes in pelvic floor PT.

Pilatesology Membership | $60

6,000 points get you $60 to spend on a three-month subscription to Pilatesology, one of our favorite Pilates apps.

Planta Vegan Food | $100

10,000 points get you $100 to spend at Planta, a plant-based restaurant with 10 locations (and more on the way!) in New York, Florida, Toronto, Bethesda, and Chicago.

Prenuvo Full-Body Health Scan | $2,499

250,000 points get you a full body health workup that screens for 500+ diseases. Through Prenuvo‘s simple process, you’ll receive an imaging assessment report with early, accurate diagnoses that empower you to make informed choices. 

Quip Oral Care Products | $25

2,500 points get you $25 to spend on Quip‘s design-forward dental care that helps you build good habits.

Sakara Ready-made Meal Delivery | $100

10,000 points get you $100 to spend on Sakara‘s organic, vegan meal delivery program that doesn’t skimp on plants (or pleasure).

Self-Care Day at The Well | $500

50,000 points get you some you time at The Well, a beautiful shared space for healthy living. Get a massage or facial, IV therapy, acupuncture, take a studio class, or have lunch in the organic café.

Solidcore Class | $40

4,000 points get you a $40 credit to this supercharged Pilates class that works you to your core (and then some). 

Spafinder | $150 for massages, facials, and more 

15,000 points get you a $150 gift card to Spafinder, which can be used for any treat yourself moment. Think a massage, manicure, facial, or any of the other services Spafinder offers.

Sweetgreen Salads | $15

1,500 points get you a $15 Sweetgreen gift card. You can use this reward for any menu item, whether it’s a limited-edition salad with seasonal ingredients or a tried-and-true favorite.

Thrive Market Membership | $59.95+

10,000 points get you a free one-year membership and 30% off your first order at Thrive Market, an online marketplace for high-quality and organic food, drink, and home goods, delivered right to your door.

Vacation Sunscreen | $50

5,000 points get you a $50 gift card to spend on Vacation‘s nostalgia-scented sunscreen.

Warby Parker Frames & Lenses | $95

9,500 points get you $95 to spend on some fresh new Warby Parker frames and lenses.

Sessions With Ness Providers | Coming Soon!

Soon, you’ll be able to use points to meet with our network of vetted, verified health providers, from life coaches to health coaches to yoga instructors to so much more.

Still have questions on all things Ness Card? We’ve answered everything here.

  • 1The Ness Card is issued by The Bank of Missouri, pursuant to a license from Mastercard, and serviced by Ness Well Financial, LLC (NMLS #2406384).
  • 2See our Rewards Program Terms for more details.
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