Let’s Talk About the Ness Card $349 Annual Fee

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Here at Ness, we’re big proponents of living your best life. A big part of that, for us, means spending money on the right things. If you’re considering using the $349-a-year1 Ness Card,2 we bet that’s pretty important to you, too. 

That’s why we’ve done the work to secure the best benefits3 for anyone who uses our card.4 But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at the Ness Card Benefits—and how they might benefit you—to see for yourself.

5x Spend on Healthy Purchases, 2x on All Other Purchases

Six is a hefty multiplier. When used in combination with spend at a healthy merchant, it turns a $100 class pack at your local yoga studio into 500 points, a $150 grocery haul into 750 points, and a $250 facial into 1,250 points.5

This isn’t to diminish the power of doubling something, which is what happens when you buy anything else with your Ness Card. Let’s say you use it to spend $20 at happy hour (40 points), $50 on gas (100 points), or $1,200 on a new couch for your living room (7,200 points).

Whatever you buy with your Ness Card, it’ll net a multitude of points that you can use in our rewards marketplace to redeem for more healthy food, drink, activities, products, and services. Like CorePower yoga classes, Cava bowls, Hyperice compression boots, and so much more.6 Which is, you know, the whole point of the Ness Card. 

This is all served to you on a sweet metal card—16g of stainless steel, to be exact. (Plus, it sparkles.)

Money Back When You Spend Healthy (AKA Card Benefits)

At a certain point in your life, your chances to earn extra credit start to dwindle. We don’t like that, so we’re adding some back—and, in this case, “extra credit” means “money back.” (In the form of a statement credit when you use your Ness Card.)

$200 Yearly Healthy Spend Credit

You get an automatic $200 statement credit back on any healthy spend with your Ness Card. That’s money back on purchases you’re (almost certainly) already making, like groceries, monthly Peloton memberships, pairing your weighted blanket with a sauna blanket, visiting your therapist, and more. 

Not sure what healthy spend is—or what merchants qualify? We’ve laid it all out

50,000 Point Sign-Up Bonus ($500 Value)

You’ll get a 50,000-point sign-up bonus if you spend $6,000 or more (on anything, not just healthy things!) in your first 90 days with the Ness Card. With points for rewards in our marketplace worth $0.01 (or more), that’s a $500 value.7

$360 Back at Sweetgreen

sweetgreen ness card benefit

The brand: Delicious salads and bowls made with whole high-quality ingredients sourced from trusted local farmers. Every bite is packed with flavor, energizing superfoods, and naturally feel-good nutrients.

The benefit: Spend $75 in a month at sweetgreen and get $15 back in the form of a statement credit up to twice a month. That’s up to $360 in salad savings.

$300 Back at Parsley Health

parsley health ness card
Parsley Health

The brand: You’re more than your symptoms. And Parsley is more than the average doctor. With a membership, you get a whole team that offers support every step of the way with longer appointments, advanced testing, and personalized care plans.

The benefit: Get up to $300 in statement credits on new or existing full priced Parsley Health memberships per year or up to $150 in statement credits on discounted new or existing memberships per year when you use your Ness Card.

One Personal Training Session With Fyt Personal Training Every 6 Months ($100 Value)


The brand: Fyt—that stands for “find your trainer”—lives up to its name. The platform connects you with personal trainers to find one that works best your goals and lifestyle. Every single one is vetted and verified, so you can be sure your trainer has reputable certifications, insurance, and a coaching style that works for you. 

The benefit: Get a $100 statement credit for a personal training session every six months. (That’s up to $200 a year for personal training!)

$200 A Year Towards Services at Exhale Spa

Exhale Spa

The brand: Exhale offers everything you could want in wellness—from massages to barre classes to detox gua sha facials—in one luxe location. 

The benefit: Get a $50 statement credit every quarter (up to $200 a year) for Exhale’s spa services. It’s a built-in excuse to get a massage, a facial, or mani-pedi at least four times a year.

$100 Back a Year at HigherDOSE


The brand: The hottest wellness gear. Think toasty sauna blankets and full spectrum infrared saunas that heat you up in all the best ways (and still look cool). 

The benefit: Get up to a $100 statement credit when you buy any product at HigherDOSE. (It’s like your own personal Black Friday sale on all the high-tech wellness gear everyone wants.)

$10 Back Every Month (Or $40 Back a Year) at SOTO Method

SOTO Method

The brand: A workout that maximizes every minute you’re in class—while giving your body the active rest it needs. Start sweating in 250+ online classes that range from five to 45 minutes, and pick from SOTO Sweat or SOTO Sculpt.

The benefit: Get a statement credit of either $10 back each month with a monthly membership (knocking the price from $39.99 to $29.99) or $40 back each year with an annual membership (usually $239.99, but $199.99 with the Ness Card).

$590 Back A Year at Lifeforce


The brand: At-home diagnostics, specialist support, and tools to track your body and help you feel, look, and perform at your peak. 

The benefit: Get a $350 statement credit for your diagnostic lab and an additional $20 a month off your Lifeforce membership. It’s all the empowering health data you’ve ever wanted, right at your fingertips (minus the sticker shock).

$80 Back A Year at Jones Road Beauty

Jones Road Beauty

The brand: Pared-down beauty essentials from legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown.

The benefit: Get up to $20 quarterly statement credit—that’s up to $80 a year—when you shop at Jones Road Beauty.

$120 Back A Year at Elo


The brand: Personalized supplements and protein powder, formulated for you and you alone.

The benefit: Get a $10 statement credit for each month you’re subscribed to Elo—up to $120 back a year.

$180 Back Every Year at Glamsquad

The brand: Your on-call glam team, whether you’re at home or on the go. 

The benefit: Get a $15 statement credit every month when you use your card to pay for a Membership. 

And, Duh, The Rewards

From (even more) Sweetgreen to CorePower to weekend getaways at Canyon Ranch, our Rewards Marketplace has a whole slew of delightful, constantly updated ways to redeem your points.

How Does That Add Up?

We crunched the numbers. (You would hope, right?)

+ 50,000 Point Sign-Up Bonus ($500 Value)

+ $200 Healthy Spend Credit

+ $1,600+ Partner Statement Credits 

= $2,950 Total Ness Card Benefits

And that doesn’t include all the other points you’ll earn from your ongoing spend. Remember, that’s 5x back at healthy merchants and 2x back anywhere else you swipe, tap, or Apple Pay your Ness Card.

Still have questions about all things Ness Card? We’ve answered them

  • 1See our full set of Terms & Fees here. The Ness Card is a type of credit card called a charge card, so there is no APR and the balance is due in full each month.
  • 2The Ness Card is issued by The Bank of Missouri, pursuant to a license from Mastercard, and serviced by Ness Well Financial, LLC (NMLS #2406384).
  • 3See our Offer & Benefit Terms for more details.
  • 4Access to a Ness Card account is subject to credit approval. You must be at least 18 years old (or the age of majority in your state) and reside in the continental US to apply. An approved Ness Card application will result in a hard credit inquiry, which may impact your credit score. 5See our Rewards Program Terms for more details.
  • 6Rewards available in the marketplace are subject to change.
  • 7Points for cash back are worth $0.005. Rare exceptions in which points are worth less than $0.01 for non-cash back rewards may exist due to geographical variance in the prices of products or services.
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