How—& Where—to Get 5x Points With the Ness Card

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What is health? That’s a complicated question with a complicated answer. But we’ve figured it out—at least, as far as what counts as a healthy, 5x-points-gaining purchase with your Ness Card.1 (Everything else is a little more philosophical.)

Here’s the lowdown on all purchases that register as “healthy” on the Ness Card—and all purchases that don’t. Either way, you’ll be getting points.

What Counts for 5x Points On the Ness Card?2

Compartmentalization isn’t always healthy. It is, however, an effective way to determine whether or not a purchase happened at a healthy merchant. All healthy actions, in our view, happen in one of four categories—or, as we call it, our Wellness Framework.


What you consume or create to nourish your body and brain. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Grocery stores 
  • Healthy restaurants
  • Smoothie and juice spots
  • Cookware


What gets you going and sweating. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Workout apparel
  • Gyms and workout studios
  • Sporting goods and fitness activity supply shops
  • Sporting and recreational camps (including kids’ dance, soccer, gymnastics, and other activities!)
  • Personal training


  Tools and services that power your rest and support your dreams. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Spa visits (massages, mani-pedis, steam room seshes…)
  • Sleep accessories
  • Massage guns
  • Weighted blankets
  • Wellness retreats
  • Hair appointments


 Most healthy forms of care that help you get through your day (and life!). This includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Medical/dental/vision providers and merchants 
  • Counseling and therapy services 
  • Insurance
  • Drug stores
  • Cosmetic services (like Botox and facials)
  • Complementary and alternative medicine (like acupressure, acupuncture, and reiki)

This framework was developed by our Chief Medical Officer Christina Gerdes, MD, and Health & Healthcare expert Kate Mills, RN. It’s informed by their experience as practitioners and insight into ways people tend to navigate health practices—and the knowledge that wellness is deeply personal for everyone.

What Doesn’t Count for 5X Points—& Why?

Right now, we reward 2x points for big box stores like Amazon, Target, Costco, or Walmart purchases (which is still better than other cards). That’s because they don’t have clear health missions—even if they sell some healthy things.

If you want to make sure you get 5x points on your healthy purchase, purchase from manufacturers directly. Running shoes from Nike or HOKA. Supplements from Thorne or Ora Organic. Skin and hair products from Aesop and Jones Road Beauty. You get the idea.

Can I Request Points For Rewards?

You probably frequent some local, healthy spots in your city that Ness doesn’t know about (yet). But you can request 5x points for those if you don’t get them automatically.

Just click on the purchase, click “Request points,” then choose the category you think it fits into—Eat, Move, Restore, or Care. (Don’t think about it too hard.)

Our team will review the request. If it counts as a healthy purchase, the extra points will show up in your account within a few days. You’ll also get 5x points every time you shop at that merchant moving forward. 

Is It All About Spending Money?

Nope! You can also get up to 56 points every day for healthy activity, like walking, meditating, exercising, and sleeping if you connect Apple Health with the Ness Card app. We can only use data that comes from your iPhone or an Apple Watch, not a third party like Fitbit. That’s:

  • 7 hours of sleep (14 points)
  • 6,000 steps (14 points)
  • 30-minute workout (14 points)
  • 10-minute mindfulness session (14 points)

Still have questions about all things Ness Card? Get them answered here

  • 1The Ness Card is issued by The Bank of Missouri, pursuant to a license from Mastercard, and serviced by Ness Well Financial, LLC (NMLS #2406384).
  • 2See our full set of Terms & Fees here. The Ness Card is a type of credit card called a charge card, so there is no APR and the balance is due in full each month.
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