How a Teacher From Hawai’i Spent $1,000 On Wellness

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What if you had $1,000 to spend on your health?

Welcome to Wellness Diaries. In this series, we send readers $1,000 to splurge on any product, service, or experience—as long as it’s something that can enhance health. Any leftover cash is donated to a charity of the diarist’s choice.

This time, we’ve got Kimi N., a teacher in Hawai’i. She spent her $1,000 on a TheraFace PRO, a Casper sunrise alarm clock, and a Lululemon yoga mat.

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Kimi N.

Meet Kimi!

She’s an educator in Hawai’i! With such a demanding job, she takes her personal wellness and well-being seriously. By keeping her cup full, she can continue to pour into others.

Kimi’s Diary

$489 Facial Massaging Device


Therabody TheraFace PRO with Hot/Cold Rings

“I love all things skincare (facials, serums, moisturizers—you name it). I’ve enjoyed researching and experimenting with new products for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite ways to relax after a long day is by doing my nightly skincare routine at my vanity. I am so stoked to have an all-in-one product that will allow me to bring a facial spa experience to my home.”

$129 Sunrise Alarm Clock


Casper Glow Light

“I’ve always been an “If the sun isn’t up then neither am I” kinda gal, so I’m excited to try out this sunset/sunrise lamp. I usually begin my day super early so that I can get to school with enough time to prepare for my day. This light seems like it’ll be a lifesaver for those winter mornings when it’s still dark out.”

$229 Massage

Indulge LLC

Indulge LLC Membership

“I love teaching, but it can be very stressful. I would love a quality massage, because it’s a luxury that usually doesn’t fall within my budget. It seems like the perfect way to reset, refocus, and relax.”

$94 Yoga Mat


lululemon The Mat 5mm (Silver Blue/Tidewater Teal)

“I wouldn’t describe myself as athletic, so finding enjoyable ways to keep my body moving has always been a challenge for me. I discovered yoga about two years ago, and it’s been true love ever since. Yoga has grounded me throughout challenging seasons of my life, and has really helped me feel good in my own skin. Having a mat with great grip will definitely enhance my practice.”

$20 Athletic Socks

product image, person wearing white athletic socks with white sneakers and leggings tucked in
The ‘IWA Athletic Company

The ‘IWA Athletic Company Unisex Crew Socks (White, 3-Pack)

“There is truly nothing like becoming an adult and finally recognizing the importance of a great pair of socks! I’m excited to give these a try on my next hike or walk around the block.”

$39.99 Smart Home Device


Amazon Echo Dot (Glacier White)

“I love Echo Dot’s versatility. Getting a device to play music, set timers, answer quick questions, and more (all hands-free) sounds fantastic. I can already anticipate that it’ll be helpful during my morning and evening routines, since I won’t need to touch my phone, but can call out to Alexa instead.”

Total: $1,000.99

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