25 Healthy Gifts for Someone Who’s Really Into Wellness

wellness gift guide | salad freak and golde matcha kit

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When someone is super into health and wellness, it can be hard to give them a gift. They already have everything, it seems—the right workout clothes, the right blender for the perfect smoothies, the right workout routine.

For this reason, we’ve done our research to find the best, truly unique health and wellness gifts out there. From a smart water bottle to best travel yoga mat we’ve ever tested, these gifts are sure to titillate any wellness denizen—even one who thinks they’ve seen it all.

Under $25

1. The Anti-Balas

Product Image
Brock DuPont

Should workout gear look like jewelry? We say no. We tested four popular ankle and wrist weights, and CAP Barbell came on top in comfortability, functionality, and affordability. Consider this brand if you’re shopping for the utilitarian or at-home HIIT junkie in your life who’ll put sweat first and style second when it comes to working out. Or the Pilates militant seeking even more pain in every rep.

2. A Caffeinated Immune Boost

Mushroom Coffee Featured Image
Brock DuPont

If their morning ritual is dependent on coffee—no substitutes, thanks—consider Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane. Available in whole bean, ground, and instant variations, each brew contains medicinal mushrooms that may help assist immune function and repair damaged nerves. So far, we’ve tried the bestselling instant coffee, and found it quick and easy to brew, with a smooth flavor sure to appeal to even the snootiest of java snobs.

3. A Luxe Yoga Mat Cleaner

spraying saje natural wellness yoga mat spray
Steve Redmond

Regular yoga and Pilates sessions are a great way to ensure a mat gets grody, fast. It’s possible to make a DIY cleaner, but a lot easier to use one that someone who really gets you generously bestowed upon you. We tested the most popular yoga mat cleaners and found a clear favorite in Saje’s natural wellness spray. It easily removes dirt and grime from the mat without much effort (who wants another workout after a sweaty yoga flow?) and carries a pleasant orange-patchouli scent without overpowering the senses.

4. The Very Best Running Socks

bombas performance running ankle socks
Brock DuPont

They’re easy to overlook. But any runner knows that socks really, really matter. To prove it, we tested a lot of them, and found that Bombas makes a near-perfect pair. With their arch support, moisture-wicking fabric, and fun, cheeky patterns, they’re a sweet addition to any fitness enthusiast’s drawer, whether they’re new to running or a seasoned jogger.

5. A Hot Girl Snack Subscription

Product Image: Cratejoy Tinned Fish Club. Pictured is a white cardboard box embellished with gold "TFC" lettering. Inside the box are styrofoam packing peanuts and an assortment of canned fish products, sauce packets, and crackers.
Cratejoy Tinned Fish Club

That’s right—we’re talkin’ tinned fish. Options like sardines, trout, herring, and mackerel make for a quick snack that can contain as many (and sometimes more icon-trusted-source Harvard Health Publishing “Ask the doctor: Is canned fish good for the heart?” View Source ) Omega-3 fatty acids as fresh fish. This subscription sends a box each month filled with three tins of fish, some crackers, and seasoning like mustard and ponzu to accompany each option.

Under $50

6. A Healthy Marketplace Subscription

Product image: Digital depiction of Thrive Market's eGift Card.
Thrive Market eGift Card

If this person doesn’t already belong to Thrive Marketplace, they want to. The membership-based online organic market sells healthy, organic food, supplements, and home products at decent prices and ships them straight to your door. Give a yearly subscription plus a gift card to get them started, and you’ll be their favorite person for the year.

7. An Acupressure Mat to Soothe Soreness

best acupressure mats prosource fit
Wendy McMillan

Anyone who works out regularly tends to deal with some aches and pains. In lieu of a full-body massage, one great way to deal with it is with an acupressure mat. This is a small, cushioned mat covered with hundreds of tiny plastic spikes and sometimes accompanied by an extra pillow. Theses spikes don’t puncture the skin, but they do provide pressure that helps relieve tension from the back, neck, and shoulders. The best one out there—by our tests, at least—is ProSource Fit’s acupressure mat, which has just-sharp-enough spikes, nicely-sized pillow, and an affordable price point.

8. A Book That Encourages Them To Question The System, Just a Little

Product image: Cover of The Gospel of Wellness: Gyms, Gurus, Goop, and the False Promise of Self-Care by Rina Raphael
The Gospel of Wellness: Gyms, Gurus, Goop, and the False Promise of Self-Care by Rina Raphael

Rina Raphael’s The Gospel of Wellness explores how the concept of self-care mushroomed into a $4.4-trillion industry that primarily targets women. It’s a vital text for anyone who loves the idea of self-improvement—but also wants to stay wary of what works, and what’s just marketing.

9. A Breathing App Subscription

breathwrk app
Breathwrk’s animations guide you through the process of breathing in and out. | Brock DuPont

Meditation apps are so 2020. But breathwork—a process that involves manipulating your breath to achieve a certain goal or feeling, such as deeper control or increased focus—will feel fresh and new. We’ve tried a lot of breathwork apps, and our favorite is Breathwrk. The app easily communicates concepts that could be confusing and illustrates each exercise with a helpful visualization so you know exactly what to do.

10. A Cookbook That Reads Them

wellness gift guide | salad freak by jess damuck
Salad Freak: Recipes to Feed a Healthy Obsession by Jess Damuck

“A salad freak? Drag me!!” This is what your giftee may proclaim upon opening the gift wrapping to find Salad Freak, a cookbook with more than 100 salad recipes. Written by Jess Damuck—a food stylist, recipe developer, and Martha Stewart’s former personal salad chef—its contents will satiate any salad lover for all three meals. Come for the Citrus Breakfast Salad, stay for the Caesar Salad Pizza Salad.

11. A Belt For Running, Hiking, and More

Product image: FlipBelt Running Belt in black
FlipBelt Men’s Running Belt

There are a lot of running belts out there—and your fitness-enthusiast giftee is sure to be picky about the one they use. Fortunately, we tested a bunch of running belts. Our fave is Flipbelt, which easily and securely holds essentials, from keys to a phone to credit card, despite its slim profile. Any fitness enthusiast will love it for running, hiking, dog walking, or any activity in which it’s helpful to keep things on you, but necessary to keep your hands free. (P.S. It’s also great for concerts.)

12. A Dose O’ Greens Powder

best greens powder | hand scooping ora greens powder into glass of water
Ora Organic Easy being green Superfood Greens Powder

We tested Ora Organics’ “Easy Being Green” powder against a bunch of other greens powders, and it bested all of them. (Yes, even Athletic Greens.) It has a licorice-orange flavor that tastes great on its own or in a smoothie, and nutrients like Vitamin A and ashwagandha. The brand also has a thorough third-party testing program, which is a must for all supplements. When given as a gift, it says, “Hey, I care about you and your alkaline veggie consumption.”

13. A Status-y Tote

wellness gift guide | junes tote bag

From the farmers market to spin class to a weekend camping trip, Junes’ Everyday Tote is the ideal vessel when traveling near and far. Its mesh fabric is made of recycled plastic bottles, which means it’s durable and good for the earth. Inside, two deep pockets can hold a wallet, keys, or anything else that needs to come along safe (without getting mixed up in the bag’s other contents). You can also spring an extra $8 for a version with two more pockets made specifically for holding bottles.

14. For the Sober-Curious Bevvie-Lover

Product Image. Taken from Kin Euphorics. A bottle of High Rode in the center with tall glasses around it, overflowing with High Rhode. "An herbaceous blend of hibiscus, orange bitters, licorice root, and sea salt." "gently caffeinated, non-alcoholic, made-to-mix beverage infused with adaptogens, nootropics, and botanics like Rhodiola Rosea, 5-HTP, and GABA" energy drink
Kin Euphorics

Sobriety has never been sexier. Gone is the need to stick to water at a party or forgo that Negroni (Sbagliato… with Prosecco in it) in your nightly ritual. Kin Euphorics’ non-alcoholic spirits turn drinking into a conscious act of self-care. The brand’s beautifully packaged amber elixirs contain natural ingredients and botanicals, like medicinal mushrooms and herbs, adaptogens, and nootropics. This might just deliver on Kin’s promise to “elevate serotonin” without alcohol’s icky aftermath. Not sure which to pick? Start with High Rhode, a lightly caffeinated blend of hibiscus and orange bitters, and cap off the night with a smooth and spicy glass of Dream Light.

15. A Relaxation-Forward Eye Mask

ostrichpillow weighted eye mask | best wellness gifts

An essential part of wellness is knowing when to take a pause. Facilitate these necessary moments of rest with this weighted eye mask, which blocks out light and provides gentle pressure around the forehead and eyes (while, crucially, keeping weight off the nose). The mask is filled with clay beads, which allows it to be heated or chilled for. No matter what, it’ll help reduce eye strain and release facial tension.

16. An On-The-Go Yoga Mat

best wellness gifts | jade voyager travel yoga mat
best wellness gifts | jade voyager travel yoga mat

For an on-the-go fitness enthusiast, you can’t gift much better than a travel yoga mat. We tested a lot, and the Jade Voyager is our favorite. It boasts a grippy texture that helps keep hands and feet connected to its surface and is easy to fold up into a light, compact parcel that tucks into the front pocket of a suitcase with ease. Whether they’re headed to a yoga retreat or just don’t like using the mats at the hotel gym, this travel mat will see a lot of action.

17. Nutritional Bites That Prove Flintstones Could Never

Product Image. Taken from Rootless. 
"Daily Bite: a whole food nutrition bite." Sustainably sourced seaweed, dates, almonds and seeds. How to get enough iodine daily. Good alternative to vitamin supplement. "Unique bioactives that naturally boost energy and metabolism." Energy bar. Healthy snack. Double Strawberry, Coconut Chai, or Orange Pistachio. free, refillable Countertop Tin. vitamin/supplement subscription service.

One bite in, and you’re already 40+ vitamins and minerals deep. Rootless’ vegan supplements are made of simple, whole foods, making it an ideal pick for the long-ingredient-list-averse. Seaweed—one of the best natural sources of iodine—is Rootless’ star ingredient, but each nutrition-packed bonbon also includes dates, almond butter, sunflower seeds, and more. Open the elegant refillable tin to find your flavor of choice: Double Strawberry, Coconut Chai, or Orange Pistachio.

18. An Elevated Matcha Set

golde matcha set

Naturally, this person is super into matcha. (Less caffeine than coffee, a sweet, creamy taste, and many of the same health benefits as green tea? That’s right.) If they don’t already have a matcha set, save them from their $7-daily-latte habit by getting them one. This option from Golde contains a 40-gram tin of ceremonial-grade matcha from Uji, Japan, plus a traditional bamboo whisk to froth it into something (even more) delicious.

Under $100

19. Holiday Spirit in Subscription Box Form

Left: Hygge Box, Right: Jessica Bernhard

Everything there is to love about a winter indoors—fairy lights, hot chocolate, tea, cookies, seasonal home decor (are your oxytocin levels soaring yet?)—can be shipped to your giftee’s doorstep in a lovable little parcel. Help someone (yourself counts) to cultivate a warm, cozy ambience and indulge in the simple pleasures of life with Hygge Box, a monthly delivery filled with luxe seasonal goodies, from tea to candles to skincare. We named it “best for gifting” in our test of self-care subscription boxes, and think your giftee will agree. Self-care, the Danish way.

20. Recovery Slides That Will Make Them Say “Ooh”

rainbow leopard oofos

Recovery slides are the one piece of footwear a wellness enthusiast doesn’t know they’re missing. Anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet—whether it’s running, walking, standing up for work—can benefit from recovery sandals. These shoes can help release pressure on the feet and calves, which may reduce soreness in the lower extremities. Oofos makes our favorite recovery slides, with excellent arch support, rockered soles for easy walking, and cushioned soles that our reviewer says feel like “clouds.” 

21. A Quick, Healthy, Photogenic Smoothie Kit

Product image: kencko smoothies. Pictured is one hand pouring a packet of orange-colored smoothie on a diagonal into a kencko bottle, held by another hand.
kencko smoothies

Making smoothies at home is fun  and rewarding—but it can also be time-consuming. Enter Kencko’s smoothie delivery service. It’s one of the best smoothie options we’ve tested, with its freeze-dried and powdered fruits and veggies that come in convenient packets to mix as is, or added in with other smoothie ingredients. For anyone who loves smoothies but isn’t as jazzed about the entire process of making them, this is the gift.

22. A Smart Water Bottle

best wellness gifts | black hidrate spark water bottle on left, pink hidrate spark water bottle getting filled up in sink on right
HidrateSpark / Brock DuPont

Has this person ever fallen behind on their hydration goals? It’s doubtful. But would they jump at the chance to receive personalized water intake guidance and proof that they are, in fact, hitting the mark? Assuredly so. In this case, a smart water bottle like the Hidrate Spark Pro will do the trick. We tested it against other smart water bottles and it emerged as the favorite. This stainless steel vessel—available in five colors and 17 or 21 ounces—connects with an app to give recommendations based on height, weight, and activity level, glows when it’s time to drink, and shows intake trends over time.

23. A Workout Mat (Not A Yoga Mat)

lululemon the workout mat | two image: one showing a woman exercising on a black lululemon workout mat. the other shows a lululemon workout mat in brier rose
lululemon The Workout Mat 6mm

Most wellness denizens have a tried-and-true yoga mat from which they absolutely will not stray, thank you very much. If said yoga mat is due for an upgrade, they’ll appreciate a new one. But if the goal is to get them something totally new, consider a workout mat—one intended for sweaty HIIT and cardio classes that may cause slippage on a traditional yoga mat. We tried Lululemon’s latest offering (not-so-creatively called “The Workout Mat”) and loved its textured-non-slip grip and ability to withstand lots of jump squats, burpees, and renegade rows.

Over $100

24. A Humidifier for the Season

Product Image
Wendy McMillan

As colder weather rolls around, it’s a good time to invest in a humidifier. These devices can help maintain optimal moisture levels in a room to hydrate skin and alleviate cold and flu symptoms. We tested four leading brands and can confidently recommend one above the rest: Canopy. The Canopy Humidifier is user-friendly, inhibits mold, comes with essential oils to diffuse custom aromas, and looks good in any room. Go for sleek white if your giftee is a minimalist, or, what the heck, take a risk and pick a pretty pastel.

25. A Chill Weighted Blanket

bearaby tree napper | wellness gift guide

Weighted blankets are great. They can also get hot—especially if you’re already using a duvet for the winter. One option that provides weight without the heat is the Bearaby Tree Napper. Made of a TENCEL fabric that helps body heat escape and ensure its use through all seasons, it comes in 15-, 20-, and 25-pound options and seven different colors. When we tested weighted blankets for muscle recovery, we loved the relief it provided—as well as the fact that it stayed cool, no matter what. Whether your giftee sleeps hot or cold, they’ll love the way this Bearaby feels.

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