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How Meta’s Digital Creative Director Spent $1,000 on Wellness

Research Based

Research Based

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What if you had $1,000 to spend on your health?

Welcome to Wellness Diaries. In this series, we send readers $1,000 to splurge on any product, service, or experience—as long as it’s something that can enhance health. (Any leftover cash is donated to a charity of the diarist’s choice.)

In this diary, we have Meta’s digital creative director, Gaby Re. She spent her money on the aforementioned non-alcoholic aperitifs, a de-stress massage, and soothing CBD mints, among other things.

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Headshot: Wellness Diaries Winner, Gaby Re.

Meet Gaby

Gaby Re is a creative director born in Guatemala, now based in New York City. She works across a range of different media with an interdisciplinary fusion of art, technology, and design methodologies, always rigorous and playful, complex, and colorful. She has resolved that wearing no single hat, feathered heel, or iridescent parka serves creativity best. Gaby is currently leading digital creative at Meta’s team of future technology, Reality Labs, focusing on AR + VR products & wearables.

Gaby also launched Cardinal with her friend James. It’s a project that started months ago from meditations on connecting with nature while spending a lot of time indoors during the pandemic, and resulted in a poetic meditation on the tools used to make the virtual world more accessible.

Her favorite wellness ritual is “a candlelit relaxing bath for the senses followed by a non-alcoholic aperitif and lots of body butter.”

Her charity of choice: Leftover funds were donated to Sunrise Movement.

Her Diary

$48 Non-Alcoholic Nightcap

Sandard Dose

Aplós Hemp-Infused Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Aplós has been on my wishlist for a long time now. I love the recipe section on its site, and I can’t wait to use all my fancy vintage glassware for delicious cocktails.

$39 Also Non-Alcoholic Nightcap

Product Image: Kin Dream Light 500mL. Taken from Kin Euphorics website.

Kin Euphorics Dream Light

I’ve heard great things about Kin Dream Light and I want to introduce something new to my nighttime ritual.

$33 Yet Another Non-Alcoholic Nightcap

Product Image: Ghia Apértif (Non-Alcoholic). Taken from Ghia website.

Ghia Apértif

I’m an absolute Ghia loyalist! It was my first foray into the non-alcoholic, botanical-powered elixir world. Ghia reminds me of all the Negronis I used to have while going out for an aperitivo when I lived in Milan, but without any of the nasty hangovers. Just natural nervines known to soothe the mind.

$48 CBD Capsules

Product Image/GIF: Sleep Tight | 20mg Hemp CBD Softgels with 5-HTP, GABA & Calming Herbs
("CBD SLEEP HEMP OIL CAPSULES," "Non-habit forming sleep aid for deep, restorative sleep*"). Taken from The Uplifters' Prima website.

The Uplifters’ Prima Sleep Tight CBD Sleep Hemp Oil Capsules

I currently take CBD and melatonin gummies 30 minutes before bedtime. I’m looking for a melatonin-free version that can help me sleep deep and wake up fresh. These capsules contain 20mg of broad spectrum CBD, plus restful herbs like passionflower and lavender.

$199.99 CBD Mints

Product Image: a box of Focus CBD Mints next to ginger and leaves. Taken from Lucent Botanicals website.

Lucent Botanicals CBD Mints Bundle (includes Calm, Energy, Focus, Relief, Mood Lift, Soothe, and Sleep)

I love Lucent Botanicals. I’ve only tried its Calm CBD mints and I swear by them. You put them under your tongue and it helps your worries melt away. So I’m super curious to try this bundle, which contains other mints that the brand claims will help with energy, mood, and sleep. I’m excited to try variants for things like cramp pain relief or focus for when I need a bit more to finish that work presentation.

$350 Spa Sesh

Product image: spa room. Taken from 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge website.

Bamford Wellness Spa De-Stress Treatment Package (2-Hour Massage and Facial)

The Bamford Wellness Spa is a holistic mecca for nurturing the mind, body, and spirit. The spa’s treatments use specially formulated products made from natural and organic ingredients certified to the highest standards. This two-hour experience will have me floating off my feet from total bliss.

$125 Shower Kit

Product Image: Close-up of someone carrying bottles of the Garden Essentials Bathhouse Edit. Taken from Flamingo Estate website.

Flamingo Estate Garden Essentials Bathhouse Edit

I’m so looking forward to adding these Flamingo Estate products to my weekend bath time ritual. It’s a lush set made from garden ingredients that smell incredible and supposedly awaken all senses. I’m particularly keen to try the Tuscan Rosemary shampoo with bergamot, which is meant to inspire creativity and reduce stress and fatigue for “soul-stirring hair washing.”

$150 Humidifier

Product Image: A hand touching the Canopy Humidifier w/ Aroma + Filter Subscription in Pink. Taken from Canopy website.

Canopy Humidifier

I love essential oils. This humidifier with a built-in aroma diffuser is such a clever and simple way to add uplifting or calming scents to the air while enjoying the humidity for my skin.

Total: $992.99

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