How Forever35’s Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer Spent $2,000 on Wellness

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What if you had $1,000 to spend on your health?

Welcome to Wellness Diaries. In this series, we send readers $1,000 to splurge on any product, service, or experience—as long as it’s something that can enhance health. (Any leftover cash is donated to a charity of the diarist’s choice.)

In this diary, we have Forever35 podcast hosts, Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer. They spent their money on the exact same trendy Canopy humidifier, shoes for HIIT classes, and a sensory deprivation tank experience.

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Headshot: Doree Shafrir

Meet Doree Shafrir

Doree is a writer and podcaster. She co-hosts self-care podcast Forever35 with Kate Spencer and infertility and IVF podcast Matt & Doree’s Eggcellent Adventure with her husband, Matt Mira. She is also the author of the memoir Thanks for Waiting and the novel Startup, and writes the Now We’re Talking newsletter.

Her charity of choice: Leftover funds were donated to The Loveland Foundation.

Headshot: Kate Spencer

Meet Kate Spencer

Kate is the author of the new novel In a New York Minute and the memoir The Dead Moms Club, as well as the co-host of the Forever35 podcast.

Her charity of choice: Leftover funds were donated to Fund Texas Choice.

Doree’s Diary

$107(+ tip) Massage

Stock photo on The Raven Spa website: Woman being stretched by someone's hands and foot.

The Raven Spa 90-Minute Traditional Thai Massage

This was my favorite treat to do for myself pre-pandemic, and I haven’t been back since. Their massages are so amazing—I always leave feeling 1000 times better!

$69 Floating Session

Photo on Pause Studio website: a saltwater chamber for float therapy.

Pause Studio One-Hour Salt Water Float Therapy Session

I am *so curious* about float therapy. The practice has a long—and frankly somewhat unbelievable—list of purported benefits, including “super learning.” Per Pause, the studio I’ll be trying: “Marvel as your relaxed, undistracted mind floats into remarkable ‘super learning’—a state of startlingly deep neural connections.” But it’s super trendy right now and it does look relaxing.

$185(+ tip) Gua Sha Facial

Stock photo: close up of a blonde woman being massaged by a pink gua sha stone

Sanctuary Spa Gua Sha Fusion Facial

Ever since we had Lanshin founder Sandra Lanshin Chiu on the podcast I’ve been very interested in Gua Sha. It seems like a Gua Sha facial is the perfect opportunity to see it in action (with someone who actually knows what they’re doing).

$50 Brows

Before and after brows shot taken from Vale of Shadows website

Vale of Shadows Cosmetic & Body Art Tattoo Studio (formerly Crispy Brows Studio) Brow Shaping and Tint

My brows are a HOT MESS and I need someone to get them together. I’ve never been to Crispy Brows, but brow artist Roxanne Crisp comes highly recommended by a makeup artist I know.

$169 Serum

Product image: Skinceuticals CE Ferulic

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

This is THE iconic Vitamin C serum that I have somehow never tried! Some Vitamin C serums have made me break out in the past, which made me hesitant to spend so much money on something that might not work for me. But lately I’ve been able to use Vitamin C serums with no issues so I think I’m ready. Only danger is… what if I love it??

$150 Humidifier

Product Image: Canopy Humidifier w/ Aroma + Filter Subscription taken from Canopy website

Canopy Humidifier with Aroma and Filter Subscription

I have never had great luck with humidifiers—they’re annoying to clean, they get moldy, etc. But I’ve heard amazing things about Canopy’s humidifier and I’m intrigued. I have eczema and my skin gets SO dry (doubly so because I live in LA). I’d really like to try this out to see if it helps my skin.

$50 Candle

Product Image: Climbing Tuscan Rosemary Candle taken from Flamingo Estate website

Flamingo Estate Climbing Tuscan Rosemary Candle

A few years ago I got a rosemary candle (not from Flamingo Estate) and I have never been able to find one since. This one looks so yummy and will be so relaxing.

$80 Body Soak

Product Image: 100 Senses The Body Soak Trio 1 Kit

100 Senses The Body Soak Trio 1 Kit

I’ve gotten very into baths in the last few months, so I already have the 100 Senses Duo Float set. I’m also intrigued by their bath soaks but have never pulled the trigger—they look like they’re amazing.

$42 Lipstick

Product Image: Gucci Glow & Care Shine Lipstick in Sally Soft Honey taken from Sephora website

Gucci Glow & Care Shine Lipstick in Sally Soft Honey

I haven’t indulged in a fancy lip gloss or lipstick for so long. I feel like having this in my bag will just bring joy.

Doree’s Total: $902

Kate’s Diary

$399 Sleep Tracker Ring

Product Image: Oura Ring Gen3 in Gold Finish taken from OURA Ring website

Oura Ring in Gold

I am obsessed with my sleep habits (or lack thereof). I’ve heard from friends that the Oura ring actually helped them implement actions that improved their sleep, so I am curious if it will help me get more—and better—rest.

$210 Pasta Class

Stock photo of cooking class in session taken from Eataly website

Eataly Cooking Class for Pasta

Healing my relationship with food has been a massive part of my self-care practices, and part of that has been 1. Embracing carbs and 2. My Italian heritage. I also just really want to learn how to make pasta!

$140 Sneakers

Product Image: HOKA Women's Gym & Training Kawana Sneaker in Blanc / Butterfly

HOKA Kawana in Blanc / Butterfly

I need new shoes for my beloved HIIT classes, which are vital to my self-care. HOKAs are my favorite sneakers thanks to their superior cushioning and support. They keep my bones and joints feeling good too!

$135 Humidifier

Product Image

Canopy Humidifier with Aroma and Filter Subscription

I am DYING to find a humidifier that I love, helps me breathe at night, and moisturizes my skin here in hot, dry Los Angeles. Sleep and skincare totally go hand in hand, and this feels like the perfect step to add to both my routines.

$65 Candle

Product Image: D.S. & DURGA Big Sur After Rain taken from DS & DURGA website

D.S. & DURGA Big Sur After Rain

This is one of the most healing, nourishing scents I’ve ever had the pleasure of sniffing. I have been dying to own this candle, with the dream of covering my home in its beautiful, rainy-day smell.

Kate’s Total: $949

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