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Mona Freund is a Content Marketing Specialist at Siege Media. She discovered her love for research and writing while obtaining her master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and working as a copywriter for a German publishing company. When she’s not 20-clicks deep into a research rabbit hole, she’s probably at the beach, surfing or chasing her puppy, Pesto.

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The team at The Nessie is composed of people who live and die by their morning rituals, will go to lengths to find the best sweat-wicking running socks, and are known in their network as the go-to person for a spa recommendation. In other words, we love the world of wellness. Our editorial team’s work has been featured in some of the biggest brands in the health and wellness space, like Greatist, Prevention, Elemental, and Self.

While all our writers and editors have deep experience or expertise in their fields, every piece of content on The Nessie is reviewed and fact-checked by at least two relevant experts from our expert panel.

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