How Author Alex Elle Spent $1,000 on Wellness

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What if you had $1,000 to spend on your health?

Welcome to Wellness Diaries. In this series, we send readers $1,000 to splurge on any product, service, or experience—as long as it’s something that can enhance health. (Any leftover cash is donated to a charity of the diarist’s choice.)

In this diary, we have author and restorative writing teacher, Alex Elle. Scrolling through her page, I felt a strong “I’ll have what she’s having” energy, wanting to unlock all of her self-care secrets and rituals. That’s why I reached out to Alex in the first place. I felt that even a grain of sand from her healing beach would be an invaluable piece of insight to our readers on how to better take care of themselves. (FYI, she has a book coming out on the topic in November, How We Heal, which you can pre-order now.)

We gave Alex $1,000 to spend on anything that she believed might enhance her health and wellness. Scroll down to find out her picks and her experiences with them.

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Headshot: Wellness Diaries winner, Alex Elle.

Meet Alex

You might already know her: With over one million followers on Instagram, the author, certified breathwork coach, and restorative writing teacher has made a name for herself with affirmations and gentle reminders packaged in approachable and tranquil squares. They’re put out there for anyone reading, but they have a powerful ability to seemingly meet you exactly where you’re at. Maybe it’s a carousel of nine things to let go of as you heal, or a handwritten note Alex is holding up reminding you not to waste your energy on one-sided relationships.

Her Diary

$399 Facial Device


TheraFace PRO

Why Alex chose this: I’ve been really into my skincare lately. In my 30s my skin has changed a lot. I think this product will take my routine to the next level.

The one-week verdict: I love this tool! I’ve been eyeing it for months and am so happy to finally own one. When technology meets skin care at home, and it works well—I am a very happy camper. Most of the high-end items I’ve owned in the past haven’t quite been what I needed them to be.

However, the Theraface is divine. It surpassed my expectations. Unboxing it was a pleasant experience, too. It’s a pretty straightforward device, which I like as a consumer. It feels substantial and luxe in hand—and looks pretty on the shelf in my bathroom.

I plan to use this device often in my skincare routine. My face felt clean and looked glowy after using it. This item is absolutely a splurge that is worth it. I would recommend it to a friend and even gift it. That’s how great it is!

$599 Mat

higher dose mat
Higher Dose

HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Go Mat

Why Alex chose this: Infrared sauna benefits have been so wonderful for me [over] the past year. Having this mat at home will save me trips to the sauna and money. I’m excited to see how it will support my overall wellness.

The one-week verdict: This mat is excellent! I’ve used it almost every night since getting it. While it’s not quite the same as a walk-in infrared sauna, clearly—it gets the job done. My sleep has been deep and wonderful after using the mat. I don’t plan on traveling with it, but I enjoy having that option.

I was worried that the mat wouldn’t live up to the hype, but it did, and I am so happy to have one! The downside is that it takes about an hour to warm up, but I’ve looked at that as an invitation to be mindful about creating a ritual out of it. I turn it on, do my nighttime routine, get myself and space comfortable, and the mat is ready for me by the time that’s done. I absolutely would recommend this! It’s a must-have in my self-care routine.

Total: $998

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