Hi there. I’m Derek, the CEO & Founder of Ness.

Unfortunately I have some very sad news—the Ness Card program is shutting down. We’re tremendously disappointed we won’t be able to deliver (at least in this form) on our mission of realizing a world where everyone can afford to be healthy.

Why? Well, the short answer is we’ve simply run out of money. We’re a venture backed startup and always anticipated raising more funding (with big next step plans for a no annual fee card plus working with health plans to build cobrand cards with them!), but haven’t been successful there. I can’t tell you how hard we’ve been working to achieve another outcome, but ultimately we’ve run out of time. Keeping the ship afloat was and is my responsibility–and I’ve failed at that. I’m profoundly sorry.

I want to share a tremendous amount of gratitude to our card members, partners, investors, and larger community for being willing to take a leap of faith on us. Ultimately, we’re very proud of what we built—a from scratch credit card platform, a special discovery-driven app, and an experience that motivates people to make healthier choices. Even just in the short while we’ve been around, our members achieved over 641,299 healthy actions!

We believed Ness was only the start of something special with many more healthier choices to come. But just because the Ness card program is ending, it doesn’t mean the healthy actions have to stop. Keep ’em going and know our whole team hopes to see you in the future with an even better way to help reward you for them.